Welcome to the new CORPORATE FINANCE A/S

The founder of the 20 year old business brokering company Dahl-Sørensen & Partner, Niels Dahl-Sørensen, decided to undergo a succession plan, bringing closer to delivering services for corporate in many more levels. Niels Dahl-Sørensen is in the process of creating CORPORATE SERVICES with a portfolio of service covering business broker, M&S, search & selection, management and advisory board services, back-office outsourcing and the creation of a marketplace for minority share owners.

CORPORATE FINANCE A/S is undergoing a transformation from classical M&S, to a modern market oriented corporate finance provider. We change the push-based customer approach to a active pull-based strategy in markets containing younger and volatile companies expecting a modern and active appoach to handling M&A.

Corporate finance has earlier been focused on areas as M&S, (re-)financing activities and investment banking and none of these terms really described the products precise enough. Our approach in CORPORATE FINANCE A/S are simply: Solving the customers need for financing in combination with M&A activities. Even shorter: Buying, selling and financing of companies.

As an independent business broker, our processes are straight forward and divided into the products 1) M&A: Valuation based on external information, information memorandum, valuation based upon internal findings, fact sheet, business development/sales preparation, regulatory processes and buying/selling (mergers and acquisitions) and 2) Company capital: own and foreign capital analysis’s, preparation of capital model, raising of capital and implementing the governance model.

We are looking forward to the comming years, where we will do our best to create new products and deliver service that make you to be a returning long-time customer..

Niels Dahl Sørensen
Founder and partner

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